waging war

If I’m honest, I go through seasons in my life when it feels like I’m constantly at war. Sometimes the war wages against me and sometimes it’s against God, all of that in addition to the war between my flesh and my spirit. the past month or so, it’s mainly been that I had somehow declared war against myself.

it’s a constant back and forth of believing lies that satan speak over me and the truth that I know within my inner core to be true! My heart has been so stubborn, choosing its own way and refusing to yield to the Holy Spirit. As much as I hate it, I’m so glad that the Lord loves me so much that He allows me to go through these times because, I am too quick to forget how wicked my heart is and how absolutely dangerous it is to leave me to myself.

Today I got to walk right into this waging war and allowed God to speak peace over it. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted after a two-hour counseling/prayer session, but I know there’s still so much healing to be done. Though none of it comes from me, I’m so glad to be exhausted enough to let God do what He does.

I have so much to share about this experience and I hope to tell my story of this season with anyone who is willing to hear. Stay tuned for that!

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Outfit Details: Camo Jacket: ($7 thrifted) Top: ($3 thrifted) Ultility Pants: (Got from a clothes swap, Gap) Booties: ($40 MK -originally $168-on sale at Macy’s) Glasses: ($25, Zenni Optical)

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