hi. I’m back. here’s an update.

I’ve had such a hard time deciding what to write about first, and instead of just choosing something, I’ve just not written. There’s literally so much that has happened since I was last on here, it almost feels wrong to just go right into what I’m learning/doing now. So here are some highlights of what you’ve missed.

Haiti. Over the summer I went on a mission trip. My very first one and it was nothing short of great! As always the Lord taught me so much, but the main theme was on fixing my eyes on Him. I felt as though the Lord kept leading me to gaze into His heart and to quiet my soul because He had things He wanted to say and show me. I walked away with a renewed sense of waiting on the Lord, drawing near to Him, and entrusting Him with the things that are far too great and marvelous for me. Psalm 131.

Final Semester. THIS is it. This is my last semester of my Master’s degree and I can’t believe it. Where to start is a mystery of its own, but here’s the one thing I do know- God is good and if you’re having a hard time believing this in your life right now, I’d love to talk with you. All I know is that I moved to Arkansas in faith trusting that God had one or two things to teach me about faith, HA!, boy was I wrong. He tore apart what I thought I knew and reconstructed my heart…He provided in ways I can’t even begin to tell you and my very favorite-He changed ME. He shifted so many things and showed me His faithfulness in ways I had personally never experienced.

Counseling. It’s taking all the strength in me not to cry as I think about typing this section, not because I think crying or any other emotion for that matter is bad (also something God changed in me) but because I’m sitting at work 🙂 I may have gotten a little bored and decided to take a break.) Anyway. This last month in particular, the Lord allowed some clients into my life that He used to teach me, draw me close, and showed me…Some of the brokenness I’ve had the opportunity to sit in, the Lord has used to show me what His grace looks like. My heart skips at the thought of how much He loves me and I guess in a way He’s used my very humanness to say-“From where I sit, this is what I see and this is why I don’t condemn you.” Seriously, if you want to hear more about this-holler, I’d LOVE to tell ya.

Change. It’s absolutely inevitable and it doesn’t have to be daunting. With the changes of the seasons, and in this particular time of year-the leaves are changing, the air feels crisper, and the breeze. Oh man the breeze- has a way of brushing off on my skin! Ugh, cue in the apple cider (says the summer baby). As I wrap up my degree, I look ahead to what’s next. Still very unsure of where I’m going and what I’m doing, yet there’s a calmness in me that has never really been there. Don’t get me wrong, life is by no means perfect from where I stand, but something, perhaps I, have changed. I know that even though there are so many unknowns, I’m going to be okay. I’m going to be right where I need to be-for that I want to praise my Lord, cause that’s all I’ve got for sure. That is it. Seasons will continue to change and I will continue to change, but His deserving nothing less of my praise, that will never change.



Top Outfit: J.Crew T-shirt and Pants

Orange Skirt Outfit: Skirt-J.Crew, Top-Target, Vest-Banana Republic, Shoes-Target

Middle Row: Bodysuit-Express, Military Jacket-Thrifted, High waisted Jeans-GAP

Hat Outfit: Hat-Birthday gift (last year), Bodysuit-Forever21, Girlfriend Jeans-GAP, Shoes-Target

Navy Skirt: Skirt-J.Crew, Top-Thrifted

Mustard Skirt: Skirt-Forever21, Top- Target, ***bow-this bow is so special to me. It’s the fabric used for my Grandmother’s Funeral. In Gabon during special occasions, the family will be in one fabric to represent unity and I will forever keep this little piece of fabric.

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