singles and married alike.

Before I jump into what's on my heart, hear me out- this post isn't intended to throw shade at anyone or to make anyone feel guilty. Actually, this post isn't about you nor is it even about me! I pray that (if you know me) you would consider my heart, consider the fact that I've … Continue reading singles and married alike.



Over the course of the last few days, I've been reading through the book of Ruth trying my hardest to get something from it because, you know, it's sorta been hard to get myself in the word. Throughout the course of reading through Ruth, it occurred to me that, like Naomi, I too was bitter … Continue reading discouraged.

help my unbelief

I seriously have so many posts sitting in my drafts folder that I haven't had the chance to read over and edit 😦 ! Life is stupid crazy around here and that's definitely not something that I'm proud of... Anyway, so000... I got a tattoo last weekend! Eek!. I'm sure to many it comes as … Continue reading help my unbelief


Airports always make me so emotional. While I love to travel, they're just not my favorite. The more I think about it, I've had to say a lot of heart wrenching goodbyes and they seem to be more memorable than all the wonderful hellos I've gotten to experience at airports. Some of those wonderful hellos … Continue reading Airports


I watched a short video on Facebook where loved ones were asked to stare into each other's eyes for four minutes. What happened in that short amount of time was absolutely incredible. A mother saw her son as a grown man for the first time, sisters were overwhelmed with emotions of being reconnected, a daughter … Continue reading gaze.