sharing on social media: share hope

Remember the days when Facebook was a fun place to "meet up" with friends, stalk your crush (don't even act like you never did that! lol), write on someone's wall to tell them how much you miss them? Remember when it was a place for staying connected with friends who were too far to see … Continue reading sharing on social media: share hope


It's been a LONG minute. I couldn't even begin to express all that has been happening in my life. although I can't necessarily make up for lost time, everything that I'm learning this year (thus far) can be summarized in one word. SUBMIT. That's my word for the year. The Lord is teaching me about … Continue reading submit

waging war

If I'm honest, I go through seasons in my life when it feels like I'm constantly at war. Sometimes the war wages against me and sometimes it's against God, all of that in addition to the war between my flesh and my spirit. the past month or so, it's mainly been that I had somehow … Continue reading waging war

prayer car

I love praying out loud while in my car driving from one place to another. For some reason, in the “safety” of my car I feel the most vulnerable and yet powerful in the way I pray. For some odd reason, being in that piece of metal makes me feel safe enough to cry, scream, … Continue reading prayer car