Episode 4: Grief is a Funny Thing

Episode Notes Sometimes it {grief} catches you off guard and the things we think we've fully processed comes back to heart and impacts us in ways we least expected. Don't fight the process, embrace your humanity and trust that God keeps in perfect peace his (or her) mind who is stayed on Him. Grief truly … Continue reading Episode 4: Grief is a Funny Thing


Misplaced hope.

Life can be disappointing sometimes. I mean anyone who eats anywhere outside of Chick-fil-A has experienced that moment when you order something and it just simply does not hit the spot. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you forget that you just prayed for God to bless your meal...the meal that you … Continue reading Misplaced hope.


I'm seriously the worst at this whole blogging thing...but you already knew that, right? Ha! I was talking to someone about this space recently, when I was reminded that I've entirely neglected my blog 😩! ...as I was scrolling through some things on my drive, I came across this video I made WAY back in … Continue reading #blessed